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Little Flags Collection for Funny Little Wars

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Chinese Pirates


"Imitation Foreign Devils"

Little Warriors

25mm B'hoys!
from Bobby Jackson's
"Thrilling Combat Miniatures"

"Splendid Little Warriors"
(TRUE 25mm & 15mm War Game Figures)

25mm Abyssinians

25mm Asante

25mm Maori

25mm "Viva Juarez!"

15mm "Rough Riders!"

15mm "Perdicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead!"

25mm Houston's Naval Guns
& Fittings


Send A Gunboat!

Landlocked Shipyard

Rum Runners!

28mm B'hoys Towne

25/15mm Native Huts & Longhouses

25mm/15mm East Indian Buildings

25/15mm Field Earth Works

"Rough Riders" Buildings
& Block Houses
(Cuba, 1898)

28mm Mean Streets!

28mm Mean Sets!

54mm/1:32 Card Models/Accessories
"Little Houses"
"Little Wheels"
"Little... Stuff"


B'hoys! Tournament at Fall In!, 2004

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the General

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Eagles Ascending The Rise of Brandenburg-Prussia in the 17th Century



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Due to circumstances definitely out of our control, at some point in the near future, the "Add To Cart" buttons of TVAG which allow you conveniently to place orders to us through PayPal, are going to become inoperative. This is entirely due to frankly outrageous practices of the former provider of this software, and does not represent any portion of TVAG's idea of service to our customers. (Please see FYI, below).

The date of execution has been changed and reset often enough that is impossible now for me offer one here, but it IS coming. We are in the process of changing locations (not Domain Name) to another service provider, but this will take even more time than spent already.

Therefore, in the meantime and as a stop gap measure to keep TVAG going, it is our sincere request that future orders be written down and sent to The (Virtual) Armchair General via E-mail for acknowledgment and invoicing through PayPal.

As of this posting (April 10, 2017) the "Add to Cart" Buttons still work, and customers are encouraged to continue to use them until they have in fact been killed.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side of this before very long, I remain
Gratefully Yours,
Patrick Wilson,
The (Virtual) Armchair General


The postage rate for International Priority Mail is $35.00 for all Overseas orders weighing up to 4 pounds/1.8 kilos.

Obviously, some customers might rightly balk at paying such rates for items costing much less, for the most reliable delivery of goods to our Overseas customers. A possible solution may be to order more than $35.00 worth of products as the same price will cover at least that much, and frequently considerably more.

Consequently, TVAG offers customers the choice between Priority Mail and the less expensive--but slower and less reliable--First Class Mail. The latter is based upon total weight of an order, and sometimes the physical size of the package required, so cannot be determined until an order is ready to ship.

When placing International orders, no shipping costs will be indicated, but you will be contacted by TVAG with your options, including at least an approximation of the price of First Class Mail. Payment may be made via PayPal for the chosen postage rate, or be Invoiced via the same service prior to shipment.

As it is TVAG's policy not to profit from postage at any price, the choice is fairly that of the customer.

Still trying to earn your business, and make your hobby coins go as far as possible, I remain


For Your Information


Where The General Tells You More Than He Knows
About What's Going On In The Background Here

April, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, much in the manner of Mr. Samuel Clemens, I would like to reaffirm that the reports of my death continue to be exaggerated!

Health issues now resolved (?), and being one toe lighter, I am now able to devote more of each day to TVAG--and there is so much to do!

"And 'Thank YOU, Mr. PayPal!'"

Case in point Number One: As explained previously on The Miniatures Page (TMP) in lurid detail, after the start of this year, the provider of TVAG's Shopping Cart system changed their rules and what I've been using for over 13 years has been rendered obsolete with a key stroke--thiers, not mine. The "Add To Cart" buttons all over this place may be working as of this entry, but are doomed to extinction at most any moment. The date of execution has been put off several times, and the new one is still unknown, but otherwise certain.

The alternative system they offer is a practical impossibility for a Website as large as this one (even their own Tech told me he'd never do what they want), so we're in the throes of trying to move to GoDaddy, and that could take more weeks/months than even it has already. So, until TVAG can emigrate to a better home, what's a Mother to do?

Well, this Mother is asking that as a stop gap measure in order to be able to continue to do business at all (at least until enough of has been transferred to allow business to continue at some level in the new digs) all customers please send their orders to The Virtual Armchair General via E-mail. I know it's a hassle, and some of you just won't bother, but there's really no other option now. A small advantage is that when your order is acknowledged as usual by E-mail, I can confirm what, if anything, is out of stock and when it might be coming back in, and exactly what your postage will be without having the "Special Needs" Shopping Cart over-charging, as it commonly did. I will then Invoice you for the amount you will already know before committing yourself to the Shopping Cart as before.

Just how long it will take to make the transfer I cannot say as of this date (April 10, 2017), but because most new Web Store providers are geared for your Auntie Martha and her five whole designs of knitted athletic supporters, rather than hundreds of items, each requiring illustrations, the transfer may have to be one item/illo at a time, and into a Website Template inadequate to what we've all enjoyed here for years.

Obviously, as real progress is made, and certainly when a change over is imminent, you'll be able to read about it here, as well as TMP and elsewhere.

Gone To See The Elephant

Okay, gotta plead health issues of the last six months, and all manner of other work related issues, but GTSTE has--not surprisingly to the Faithful--been overtaken by every other emergency/opportunity to have come up in that time.

Work will recommence as soon as TVAG has been successfully moved into its new home.

Splendid Little Warriors

Again, between health and unforeseen cock-ups by all parties, the formal restock of "Rough Riders!" (RR!) and "Perdicaris Alive or Raisuli Dead!" (PAORD) 15mm ranges has taken far longer than anticipated. However, developments of just the last two weeks have brought us--I boldly claim--within sight of finishing the job.

Most of the molds for the RR! range of Spanish-American War miniatures have finally been correctly ID'd (don't ask!) and spun such that future restocks will be a matter of a few keystrokes. A large, if not yet exhaustive, stock of these lovely miniatures is already in hand, with more arriving shortly. Indeed, new items have been added to the catalog, so see for yourselves.

With the taming of these two ranges, other new lines are already nearing completion, not least the Special 15mm Mexican War Range in support of Gone To See The Elephant. Instead of another line of generic figures for that subject, the Special Range contains only figures not made by anyone previously, filling roles called for in the rules, as indeed the war itself. All but a few figures have already be completed, and the range should be released shortly after--if not before--GTSTE.


And now, we return you to the dance portion of our broadcast....

"In The Pipe"

This page provides progress reports on the latest projects under development for TVAG. Just click on "In The Pipe" here or on the Navigation Bar button under "Features" to take a first peak at new rules titles, gaming accessories and miniatures lines in various stages of development.

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