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Authors include Chris Ferree, P. R. Wilson, Mark Megehee, and Padre Paul Wright, with more in the pipe.

All titles offered by TVAG are available in your choice of inexpensive PDF Editions and high quality, professional Print Editions.

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We Only Kill Each Other

"We Only Kill Each Other":
Life And Death on the Mean Streets, 1920-1935

by P. R. Wilson

"We Only Kill Each Other" (WOKEO) has been in development for over fifteen years with an emphasis on "realism," rather than Hollywood and legend. It's a fast-paced game of criminal-on-criminal violence with the possible involvement of law enforcement. Other rules make no distinctions between three distinct "theaters" in this era of criminal enterprise with the common denominator of violence--"Beers Wars," (1920-1933), "Dillinger Days" (1934-35), and "Mafia Wars" (1931-35). Each has distinctive features making it unique regarding characters and possible games.

Characters are generated in detail by types/classes (but don’t think of D&D!)—gangsters, hoodlums, police, detectives, FBI and Treasury Agents, each with the opportunity for skills, areas of special knowledge, and even weaponry by period and subject. Distinguishing Features, including Peculiarities/Personality Quirks/Addictions/Compulsive Behaviors, Speech Impediments, as well as detailed physical attributes and Criminal Records, are just some of the descriptors that will apply.

WOKEO recognizes that such criminals are not soldiers, responding to orders and formal leadership. They tend to be violent, under-educated, and commonly unintelligent, striking by stealth and surprise, rather than seeking stand up battles. "Discipline and duty" do not characterize them, while opportunism and fear of retaliation does.

Combat rules are fast and deadly, with a wide variety of basic weapon types available—but players can rarely make the choice. Tommy Guns, and BARs are "terror weapons," and far more rare than Hollywood pretends. You won't find one often, but when you do, watch out!

A "Director" can create the episode, but “pick-up”games are easy--just use any of the pre-generated Characters that come with the game, or roll up your own. Play is card driven, cuing individual Characters to declare and carry out their Actions. Almost everything--use of "Mitts," "Pins," "Moxie," "Brains" and "Brawn"--is determined successful or not by a single D10 roll with limited modifiers—no combat results tables, no formulae, just down and dirty quick results with a system quickly learned. No written orders, just a few items to mark off on each Character Record Card.

Players normally play one Character, but up to four are possible. Rules for "Extras"--simplified Characters operating in groups--can allow larger games, but most games need fewer than a half-dozen figures to a side, though police can show up in numbers if a crime is still in progress.

There are detailed rules for Drive By Shootings, Automobile pursuits and Collisions, Tear gas, explosives, body armor, brawling, "gun molls," and optional rules for specific Wound Location/Effects, Rescue of the wounded, use of the garrote, and more make WOKEO a complete package.

WOKEO also recognizes "Square Johns"—civilians who can as easily fall victim to the police as the criminals--as key elements. Pedestrian and Vehicular “Panic” rules guarantee chaos in the streets with the very real risk of them becoming unwitting targets--and not just of the criminals. Law Enforcement bullets are just as deadly!

Police, FBI and Treasury Agents all have their own rules. Police use of "The Third Degree" during interrogations can be part of the game, as well as the competition between "G-Men" and local police. And if you think the "G-Men" were Supermen from the start, think again. WOKEO does not depict things the way Mr. Hoover would have wanted it to!

“We Only Kill Each Other," (unlike the author’s own “Gangbusters” from TSR eons ago), makes no attempt to include the economics of organized crime. It is strictly for flying lead, racing automobiles, and blood on the sidewalk. WOKEO literally allows players to "cut to the chase" and engage in all the mayhem Prohibition and Depression era crime has to offer. With all the gory details, this is easily the grittiest miniatures game of criminal violence yet.

The rules come with three introductory Scenarios, one for “Beer Wars,” one for “Dillinger Days,” and one for “Mafia Wars.” Each provides full information on necessary Characters, figures, sets, vehicles, and more. There are schematics, photos, tables, information for each side, as well as "secret" information for the Director. No Scenario can play the same way twice.

WOKEO also addresses the urban environment central to crime of the period. Police call boxes, sirens, alarms, police whistles, auto and pedestrian traffic (varying by neighborhood and time of day) all are part of the mix when perpetrating or confronting crime in the streets. The rules are designed for use with model buildings like those from Old Glory, Reviresco, and TVAG's own “Mean Streets” and “Mean Sets," but the use of 2D maps of the players' own devising is covered.

Street Schematics are provided for planning of hits and/or law enforcement raids, and a full page city street map of “Newcago,” locating key addresses, public buildings, and businesses provides the wider environment where Bootlegger gangs can vie for control through beatings, bombings, and shootings.

Other features include a comprehensive list of 28mm gangster/law enforcement figures manufacturers, as well as buildings and vehicles. There are also lists of useful Websites, movies of particularly inspirational value, and a section showing how easy--and fun!--designing your own scenarios can be.

The perfect bound book is 8.5" x 11", with full color covers, 98 pages (50 of which have color tables or artwork), and 10 pages of enclosures, including three full color printed Cheat Sheets, and 7 card stock sheets of pre-generated Characters for the three Scenarios included.

All buyers are entitled to free PDF's delivered by E-mail providing a reduced size b&w version of the Action Deck, and a set of all five Character Record Card types. These are available simply by requesting them from

And there's MORE: Buyers of the Print and PDF Editions are offered three free PDF Interior building designs from "Mean Sets," each of which supports one of the three Scenarios in the book. Normally a $30.00 purchase, completely free for the asking. Full details are in the rules.

We Only Kill Each Other retails for $30.00, plus postage.

A professionally printed Graphic Supplement is offered with a full color, pre-cut Action Deck of 33 cards, each measuring 2.5" x 3.5", provided in a reusable plastic bag. Also, 12 sheets of color coded card stock Character Record Cards, enough for two FBI and two Treasury Agents, ten Criminal, six Patrolmen, and four Detectives.
$12.00, plus postage.
WOKEO Graphic Supplement

The "We Only Kill Each Other" rules are available in PDF form for $15.00, delivered via E-mail postage free. The book comes with the two complementary PDF's of a b&w Game Deck and a color file of Character Records for self printing.

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Gone To See The Elephant Gone To See The Elephant
by P. R. Wilson

After nine years of research, writing, and re-writing, Gone To See The Elephant: Miniatures War Game Rules for The Mexican-American War, 1846-1848  is now available.

Easily the most widely—and impatiently!—awaited title in TVAG’s history, GTSTE has been interrupted by other projects and more recently health issues, but throughout that time collecting historical sources and digesting them never really stopped. As a result, these are easily the most solidly grounded war game rules on the subject, with the history woven into them, rather than clapped on like chrome on a Model-T.

Utilizing the basic game model first published in John Company, GTSTE requires absolutely no written record keeping, and as few as three standard six-sided dice. Play is card driven, with random order of movement with players commanding Brigades composed of from two to five infantry battalions or cavalry regiments, possibly with an artillery battery. How many Orders a General can issue in a turn to the units in a Brigade depends on his pre-determined Generalship, and the draw of a card from the Orders Deck for his level. Orders are placed before movement each turn, then units check their Resolve to see how well those orders are obeyed--or possibly not at all!  Fire is calculated by weapon, troop types, unit Resolve, and number of Bases. Losses are taken in Bases as well.

Uncontrolled and unexpected Events can result from the effects of enemy fire, but also randomly. A distinct and separate Mexican and US Army Event Deck is provided.  Unique and historical occurrences impossible to write rules for, but which could or did happen in fact, are now part of the mix as players seek to create a battle plan then react as best they can when it actually makes contact with the enemy.  Prairie fires, false truce, amazing individual acts of courage, etc, all could influence battle in Mexico, and can for the players, too.

Eighteen pages of Optional Rules, including Ammunition, Stamina and Fatigue, Skirmishers, Sappers, Night Fighting, and Weather, among others are provided.  Special Resolve advantages are available to the Mexican force which can field in miniature figures for the conduct of pre-battle Mass, a military band, field hospital, and Soldaderas supporting the soldiers. Not surprisingly, these miniatures are also offered by TVAG in 15mm for devotee's of that size.

Introducing an innovative ground scale system for basing, the game may be played with ANY size figures, from 5/6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25/28mm to 40mm, using the same 1” x .75” and 2” x 1.5” square bases without effecting movement or weapons ranges. Artillery is mounted on pre-measured triangular templates (provided with the rules) indicating maximum firing angles eliminating the need for measuring in play.

The book has 164 pages of rules, commentary, game tables, illustrations, and maps in full color. The rules portion of the text are printed in 14-point Century Schoolbook to make reading and searching specific portions fast and easy. Special rules applying exclusively to US or Mexican units appear in green and blue, respectively, and important notes are in red. When one rule references another, page numbers are provided for quicker searching. Other portions of the book are in 12-point for more casual reading.

Beyond the basic rules, there are 21 pages of Designers Notes and Appendices listing the entire US and Mexican Army Orders of Battle for the war, a complete list by states of all Volunteer units raised for the war, and a list of uniform details for many of these. Besides the Bibliography, there is a list of other resources for research on the Internet, including recordings of authentic period music for both armies. Three historical scenarios for Palo Alto, Resaca de Palma/Guerrero, and Buena Vista/La Angosturas are presented across 26 more pages, including highly detailed maps and the most complete OB’s available. Indeed, the latter battle has original scholarship concerning the Mexican Artillery present.

Unlike some previous TVAG publications, Game Decks and important reference sheets, plus Order, Resolve (and optional Sapper, Stamina, Ammunition, etc) counters being printed on B&W paper within the book, these are now offered for FREE via E-mail for self-printing/cutting by the buyer, which has allowed the book's production price to be kept down. Buyers of the game are welcome to request these directly from TVAG.

As a service for all Mexican War aficionados, whatever their preferred rules set, figure brands or sizes, the "US Army Uniforms & Weapons" page is offered by TVAG as an excellent source of full color uniform plates and photos for general use.

With major contributions by Anton Adams, Ron Vaughn, and TVAG’s own Chris Ferree and Eric Cox—among others— GTSTE is more than the definitive game system for the subject, but an historical resource itself.

Gone To See The Elephant retails for $35.00, plus postage.
A professionally printed full color Graphic Supplement containing ALL game components is available for separate purchase. It consists of the Action, Orders, and both Event Game Decks totaling 102 pre-cut cards, each measuring 2.25" x 3.25" in a re-closable plastic bag. Together, these Event Decks contain 20 unique additional cards not found with the free game components set. Further, there are seven reference sheets on card stock, and nine more of colorful game counters ready to cut out for use.

The GTSTE Printed Graphic Supplement retails for
$20.00 , plus postage.

Gone To See The Elephant Graphic Supplement

The Gone To See The Elephant rule book is available in PDF form for $20.00, delivered via E-mail postage free.

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Eagles Ascending Eagles Ascending
by Mark Megehee with original uniform plates by
Alan H. Archambault

Eagles Ascending begins with the union of two petty states, the Mark of Brandenburg and the Duchy of Prussia in 1618, which led at the end of the 17th Century to the Kingdom of Prussia> in a dizzying rise of political and military power in less than a century.   Before there could be Frederick The Great, there had to be Frederick Wilhelm, “The Great Elector.”

This fascinating account traces the origins and rise to dominance of Brandenburg-Prussia across the 17th Century, and introduces readers to the remarkable men who laid the foundations for the later German Empire, it’s Army and Navy. Information, much of it appearing in English for the first time, makes the “mover and shakers” of a distant era spring to life, their portrayals made more compelling by superb period artwork, maps, and plans.

Here are the wars, battles and leaders who by land and sea shaped the emergence from medieval to modern Germany. The lively narrative is enhanced by twenty-six original, full color plates specifically researched for this work by Alan Archambault, Fellow and recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Company of Military Historians. This is the most comprehensive representation available detailing the development of the uniforms of Brandenburg-Prussia.

Indeed, the plethora of selected contemporary illustrations of uniforms and weapons, often reproduced "over sized," are specifically provided for the miniatures sculptor to see fine details otherwise hard to find. The many uniform plates by the world famous Richard Knötel included, as well as those specially commissioned by the author from Mr. Archambault, make this an indispensable resource for an otherwise obscure subject at the beginning of the era of military uniforms.

Tactics,and the ever more sophisticated weapons which determined them in the 17th Century, are detailed as well. Conflicts such as the Scanian War, the First Northern War, and the War of the League of Augsburg, mark the progression of Brandenburg-Prussia from weakling to king maker status.

Orders of battle, ship plans, period and new battle maps contribute to this splendid foray into the history of a proto-nation rising to greatness in a century more violent even than our own.

Complete with footnotes, bibliography, and thoroughly indexed, this book fills a void in English language literature of the military roots and first “Blitzkriegs” of German Armies to come.

Historians, war gamers, modelers, painters of military miniatures, and even the casual reader will find Eagles Ascending a compelling introduction to a distant time, yet one that affects the shape of the world to this day.

Eagles Ascending, a trade paper back 8.5" x 11" with 154 pages of full color, including 26 full page color uniform plates by renowned artist/historian, Alan H. Archambault. The Print Edition costs $40.00 plus postage via : Amazon.

Eagles Ascending is available as a PDF file for $20.00, delivered via E-mail free of postage.

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Rough Riders! Rough Riders!

From the prolific keyboard of Mr. Chris Ferree comes a unique system designed (as always!) from the ground up for this colorful and widely misunderstood and under appreciated period in history. Scaled at 1:10 and intended for 15mm or 25/28mm figures, the rules include all the particulars necessary for the pivotal battles of the War of 1898, San Juan Heights and El Caney.

To quote from the Introduction,
"Rough Riders! is a war game which depicts the battles of San Juan Heights and El Caney, in Cuba, and actions in the Philippines, between the eager, but nearly clueless, Army of the United States, and the highly experienced and far better equipped Armies of Spain, as well as the resultant insurgency of the Moro’s that came with acquisition of the Philippines. 

Each Player represents a Commander who controls a number of Battalions, and it is his task to defeat the enemy through maneuver and firepower.  Even though an Army may have many Battalions, and far outnumber their enemy, if the soldiers are new to war, discipline, and command, those advantages can quickly evaporate.  To achieve victory with such an army, a Commander, by his personal example and with the help of his junior officers, must struggle to keep his confused and isolated men fighting and moving on their objective, or see them fail and die to no purpose.

In such battles, even more than any others, the difference between Victory and Defeat lies in Leadership...."

Completely original, card driven, and exceptionally fast and "clean," no other set of rules on this subject has caught the essential problems of command and control as experienced by all forces engaged. Already widely play tested since its original release in 1998, this new edition is updated, clarified, and quicker than ever to "start up."

A special rules section for battles in Mindanao against the Moros are included which allow not only for hidden movement, but random generation of terrain as U.S. Forces advance across country mastered by inhabitants whose fanaticism became legendary.

The 74 page, 8.5" x 11" rules book comes with full color covers, 8 pages of color maps and flags to help identify units in play, as well as the complete Action Deck of cards paper printed in b&w, ready to cut out and use, as well as useful Game Markers which eliminate the need for written records.

In support of RR!, a professionally printed, full color, heavy card stock Action Deck (with extra "blanks") accompanies the Print Edition. Further, four sets of color card stock 15mm and 25mm scale buildings and blockhouses which actually featured on the battlefields are available for war game use.

Rough Riders! is available for $30.00, plus postage.

RR! is also available as PDF files for $15.00, sent free via E-mail.

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Funny Little Wars

Funny Little Wars

By Paul Wright

Being In The Main a Preoccupation For The Better Sort of Chap, & Making Full Use of Classic Toy Soldiers (Which The Pedants Call "54mm")

Paul Wright, has written an "instant classic" available from TVAG via Amazon!

Funny Little Wars is already receiving wide praise from subscribers and hobby magazine editors. FLW both leads and follows the growing interest in 54mm war games and figures. Garden Gaming has been growing in popularity in recent years and promises to continue, especially since FLW has been released.

Written in part as a tribute to HG Wells' ground breaking Little Wars, FLW is a much expanded and broadened modernization. There is a fascinating chapter devoted to Wells the Man and his journey with his "Little Wars" from inception to the day in 1916 when he put the game away for good.  For fans of Wells' work, Author Wright may surprise with information you did not know, or could even guess.

Retaining many of Wells' original rules (such as the use of spring-loaded toy cannon), there are now additional rules for shell bursts, machine guns, observation balloons and aircraft, field hospitals, supply wagons and dumps, spies, military bands, unit colors and standards, brigade and division commands, hidden movement, skirmishers, snipers, unpredictable effects of terrain, signals, morale, and much more.

Infantry units are a standard 20 figures strong, Cavalry 12, and Artillery can appear as single Guns with crews, or as Batteries up to three strong. From two to four such units, with a Battery, typically form a Brigade, the perfect command for each Player. Two or more Brigades form a Division, and this is the post for the Player who will act as Commanding Officer for his side.

Each Brigade and the Divisional HQ is represented by a variable number of Staff and ADC's, marching on foot, mounted on prancing steeds, or even seated in Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Renault, or other grand Staff Cars from the Golden Age of Motoring. From these HQ's must come the orders to the units on the firing line, but the traffic isn't all one way! Back to the Brigadiers and the Commanding General, come the reports of the scouts--and the desperate messages from the front lines delivered by Runners, Gallopers, and even Pigeons! There is far more skill than luck required to lead your miniature minions to victory, and the rules provide this without complicated systems. In many respects, there is far less abstraction in Funny Little Wars in the spaces of your garden than there is on the traditional table top.

While designed for yard games, the rules can be played on the floor or table top. Figures used can range from antique and modern cast metal "Collectibles," to readily available plastic miniatures. Included are detailed lists for 14 different Armies identified by their "Colors" ("Army Red," "Army Black," "Army Red/Gold," etc) with complete information on how to build your favorites. Each Army has its unique strengths and weaknesses, and a personality which will definitely suggest its historical counterpart.

Much as Wells' rules did, FLW covers the quarter century prior to WW I, when war was still believed romantic, the uniforms were dashing, and the Generals still waltzed. This is the era that gave birth to the Military Pentathlon, and a player may find himself having to excel in one or more of its challenges to deliver a crucial dispatch!

These games reflect the late Victorian and Edwardian spirit in both the substance of the rules and the delightful style of his writing. Designed for "The Better Sort of Chap," the book contains suggestions for proper Dress during the game, etiquette on the field, and more. Nor are the Ladies and "Girls of the better sort" forgotten. The author's Wife, Georgina, provides a charming account of a proper dinner served after an especially Gentlemanly game at Dover Castle during one golden Summer.

The Basic Rules actually occupy only 10 pages, but the many Optional Rules allow players to set their own levels of detail. There are lists of providers of toy soldiers in every price range, as well as all manner of accessories, and recommendations on how to shop inexpensively on the Internet for those items you might not find so readily. Sections describe how to set up a yard, park, rockery, beach, or other site to be your Battlefield. For once, you WILL have room to perform that wide flanking maneuver! Light Cavalry and Infantry come into their own, screening your forces while trying to detect your enemy's. Once more, War Gaming is as much fun as when any of us discovered the hobby, no matter how many years--or decades!--ago.

Rules for basing figures are flexible and encourage players to work with what is best for their needs. And while comprehensive, there are no complex rules or formulae, and nothing more than traditional six-sided dice are required--besides measuring tapes and a beautiful day under the shade of the trees. Childlike, but never "childish," FLW goes back to the Hobby's roots--and our own--as we play once more with toy soldiers as so many of us did as kids.

The 148 page, 8.5" x 11" book retails for $40.00 and contains all the rules, Basic Game Quick Reference Sheet (QRF), and an assortment of (mostly optional) record sheets printed at the back for copying and use as you may wish. There are also full color photos of toy soldiers at play, but everywhere is the author's wit, charm, unabashed-- and infectious!--love of toy soldiers.

Since Funny Little Wars ' release, the popularity of the game continues to grow, and its author has garnered attention from around the world. The May 5, 2013, issue of the New York Times published an article concerning the centennial of the publication of H.G. Wells' Little Wars, in which the author was interviewed as a recognized expert on Wells and his works. That same month, Author Wright hosted the first HG Wells Centennial Games at Sandhurst with more events to come. The BBC interviewed him on August 2, 2013, also in relation to the Centennial Year, and FLW itself as an Edwardian Gentleman's pastime still enjoyed to this day.

Read Funny Little Wars and experience again what it was like when toy soldier games were pure fun and the world was young!

Funny Little Wars is available for $40.00, plus postage, through this link to Amazon.

FLW, continues to be available as PDF files for $20.00, and will be delivered at no cost via E-mail.

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Little Campaigns LC Graphic Supplement

Little Campaigns
By Paul Wright
The First Supplement in Support of
Funny Little Wars

Over two years in design, play testing, and editing, Paul Wright's Little Campaigns (LC) is the perfect sequel to his original Funny Little Wars (FLW).

Little Campaigns is a collection of rules for putting miniatures battles into a campaign context. Many of these rules may be used in games without an Umpire, by as few as two players, and indeed, for different rules for other scales/subjects. More complex rules benefiting from an Umpire allow for much latitude for hidden movement and surprise.

Troop Trains, Armoured Trains, Amphibious Landings, extensive rules for Logistics, Isolation, Espionage/Sabotage/Assassination, Pontoon Bridging, Barrages, Fieldworks, Forts, Super Heavy Artillery, Field Telephones, Prisoners of War, and full rules for Night Fighting are only some of the rules offered to enliven your games.

Besides some 40 pages of campaign game systems, Little Campaigns contains 28 more Rule Enhancements and adjustments to the basic combat rules for FLW. There is a special chapter on how to play video battles over the Internet, the essentials of which can apply to games with smaller figures. The book also includes a chapter detailing a Campaign play test, complete with special maps, orders, OB's, and more. Seven new Army Lists (Turkish, Chinese, Boer, etc) are provided, as well as more pages of suggestions for representing terrain, sources for figures, gaming accessories, and miniatures. New Campaign Record Sheets are provided, as are templates for artillery fire on trains, and plotting sheets for aerial reconnaissance, etc.

There are rules on so many aspects of campaigns that it would be a bold band of players who would use them all at once, but any of these may be adopted and applied to other games not related to FLW at all and other periods as well. Even if only as a resource book, LC will be one taken down from the shelf for inspiration and reference for years to come!

Printed in 8.5" x 11" format, Little Campaigns has 130 pages, with many photos and color illustrations throughout. But that's not all!

An optional LC Graphic Supplement is also offered consisting of three, identical, full color 11" x 17" maps, in order for the opposing sides each to have its own, and a third for a non-playing Umpire to keep track of hidden movement and more. In addition, there are four heavy card stock sheets of Map Counters, a full set for each side having 260 3/4" square, full color pieces, printed on both sides, representing units of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Pioneers, Engineers, Observation Balloons, Pontoon Bridges, Forts, Trains, Supply Columns, Field Police, Spies, Scouts, War Correspondents, HQ's, Depots, Echelons, and more. All of these allow players to start their own Campaign Game immediately, with almost no other effort required to than to use their imaginations and begin to experience the ultimate excitement and challenge of war gaming.

Further, there is full color 11" x 17" double sided mock-up of the London Illustrated News for May, 1908, the ostensible date for the sample Campaign Game, "The Herring War--Something Fishy In The Baltic!" Full of news reports, propaganda, and images of the fighting, this item alone will set your juices flowing with the fun and value of writing your own campaign battle accounts, politics, and scurrilous attacks made with ink as well as powder!

And, adding greater value to the package, the Supplement also includes a copy of the professionally printed and pre-cut Night Movement Card Deck, ready for use.

Little Campaigns is now available for $40.00 , plus postage, through this link to Amazon.

The "Little Campaigns Graphic Supplement" and Night Action Cards in print form is available for $15.00 , plus postage.

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The Mexican Soldier:1837-1847
By Joseph Hefter

2008 marked the 50th Anniversary of a publishing milestone, and the 160th Anniversary of the end of the Mexican War, too.

In 1958, historian and illustrator, Joseph Hefter and colleagues, self-published one of the classics of modern military history, El Soldado Mexicano, 1837-1847. The only printed edition quickly became the standard reference on the appearance and organization of the Mexican Army in the period of the Texas War of Independence through the Mexican- American War of 1846-48. Hardly a book written on these events since 1958 does not cite Hefter's work, yet it became scarce and the surviving copies show the effects of time on their pulp pages and covers.

As part of TVAG's researches for the coming Mexican War rules, Gone To See The Elephant, my own original copy of the book has constantly been referred to. But its physical condition, the faded (but still beautiful) color uniform plates, and the author's "stream of consciousness" layout of his text proved frustrating.

After seeking advice, I have exercised due diligence in an attempt to establish who may have the Copyright to Hefter's work since his death over 30 years ago. As a result, I have reclaimed the Copyrights and return this remarkable work to the gaming and historical community in a new and updated edition.

Not merely a reprint, color quality has been restored to the eight original plates, plus seven more in b&w have now been "colorized" based on uniform data in the text, and all of which have been significantly increased in size. Four more Hefter plates from other publications round out the work. Further, three full color pages of Mexican Army Colors, Standards, Guidons, and Pennants (most never before seen in print) designed by Eric Cox add a dimension missing from the original work. A number of line drawings by Hefter have been provided by other sources for use in this new edition, as well as extra photos and drawings of more uniform details and equipment.

Besides being the best single source on uniforms for the period, The Mexican Soldier details the tactics, organization, and weaponry of the Army, answering many--if not all--of the questions of what made this remarkable army function as it did. There are useful tables of OB's for the major battles of the Mexican War, sections on the Army Health Corps, information on the soldiers themselves (heights, illnesses, pay, discipline, etc). The original text followed a roughly chronological arrangement, but tended to meander--tangentially--making it difficult to look up any particular item. This has all been addressed by a nearly total rearrangement of the text into sections and sub-sections, and then chronologically. The Spanish language text and captions are removed for this edition, but hardly a word of the English version is missing--and some new material by Hefter has been added.

Printed on high quality paper, well suited to best show off the color plates, this edition is printed in 8.5" x 11" format, on 44 pages, plus 22 uniform, equipment, and flag plates, 21 in full color.

The Mexican Soldier is now available for $35.00, via Amazon.

The Mexican Soldier is also available as PDF files for $20.00 , and will be sent free via E-mail.

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The Mahdist Wars Source Book
Edition 3

Originally released with the full participation of Savage And Soldier magazine past Editors Douglas Johnson, Milton Soong, and Richard Brooks, TVAG proudly published The Mahdist Wars Source Books.

But the time came when this already standard reference among war gamers of the Sudan deserved a more professional presentation and reorganization. Thoroughly re-edited, Volume One has expanded to 182 pages, with more and different full color maps, tables, and additional uniform plates. Particularly useful contemporary illustrations and photos new to the work, in color and B&W, have been printed large to facilitate study, and new tactical maps and schematics have also been provided over-large to help readers grasp the details. Indeed, few of the original B&W illustrations remain, replaced by more specific examples, many in color.

All the original text remains, while the original color photographs and plates of Mahdist uniforms, the Omdurman Battlefield, Ansar fortifications, and more, have all been improved and retained. In Volume One, a new section of contemporary illustrations of those Royal Navy vessels which provided firepower and sealift for operations around Suakin, complete with ship's stats, has been added, and Volume Two has a new section of data and illustrations on weapons used by European and Mahdist Armies.

Each Volume measures 8.5" x 11" and has full color covers and comprises articles previously published years ago as the "Sudan Special." The current and coming volumes of the new edition of the MWSB now expand the original 40 page pamphlet into over 300 pages of additional articles which first appeared in S&S over the years, plus specifically written new material. Errors of fact and corrections reflecting new information developed since the original edition have been retained as well.

The numbers of maps and tactical diagrams have all been expanded, while the detailed battle studies, and appendices providing information of every sort, also remain. Uniform, organizational and tactical data for the Egyptians, British, Italians, and Abyssinians are included as well as for the Ansar, as well as additional information on weapons. Naturally, the definitive section on Mahdist Flags researched by Douglass Johnson, and the color examples by Eric Cox, are still aboard.

Finally, the complete Orders of Battle for the Sudan— from Hicks Pasha at Shaykan, to the death of the Khalifa Abdullahi at Um Diwaykarat—from the Andrew Preziosi Collection remain, but with illustrations of many of the key Generals & Officers now included. Full details of units, their strength, officers, and organization are now in one place for the first time.

And despite the complete make-over, additional pages, and color throughout the work, the original price has been retained! How's that for progress!

The Mahdist Wars Source Book, Vol. 1: 1882-1885 is now available through Amazon for $35.00, plus postage.

The MWSB Volume 2 (1886-1899) is also available through Amazon for $30.00, plus postage.

Both Volumes may still be bought together as PDF's for $30.00, and delivered post-free via E-mail.

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Boilers And Breechloaders 4th Edition

Boilers and Breechloaders
4th Edition

The new 4th Edition has expanded to 68 pages of rules and Ship Logs for all three Hull Types, and Native Craft. Where the previous Edition added important new rules for Torpedoes, Mines, and Critical Hits, this newest Edition continues to broaden the game. New weapons include the 24-pdr Hales Rocket, plus completely revised listings of all Cannon, Machine Guns, and "Pom-pom's" with new Hit Points values. Some guns have been dropped, and others added to make arming scratch built models a much easier proposition. All five of the Critical Hits Tables have been revised, and many simplifications to the text have been made for greater clarity. More and new useful illustrations have been added throughout. The full color card stock Action Cards, Weather Vane, Wind Speed markers, Torpedo and Mine markers are still included, too.

Once again edited and ever-expanded by P.R. Wilson, B&B 4th is now even more than before the complete game for Riverine and Coastal actions in amphibious operations and between Gunboats in the Age of Imperialism. Fully integrated with The Sword and The Flame and the Campaign Game, The Sun Never Sets (TSNS), the game allows for 25mm or 15mm Gunboat models to fight each other, or in direct conjunction with miniatures land games. Players of TSNS will also find the game prices of armaments for vessels funded by Parliament have been greatly reduced to encourage ever more "Gunboat Diplomacy."

All in all, B&B the 4th represents the continued evolution of a rules system that has grown with the times. And, amazingly still, only the price has never had to evolve, and remains at $25.00 , plus postage.

Also available for self printing from PDF format for $15.00 , and be sent via E-mail.

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Sun Never Sets, 4th Edition

The Sun Never Sets

Edited & Expanded by Patrick Wilson

Fourth Edition

A campaign system for The Sword and The Flame, this dedicated rules set allows players to be both members of Parliament and Native Potentates.


Originally designed for use with TSATF 20th Anniversary Edition, the Battalion variant, 800 Fighting Englishmen is even better suited for play.


After years of success, TSNS was due for a new edition, and in the Summer of 2010, it arrived. The book has now expanded to 96 pages, most of which represent the addition of the former game maps, counters, record sheets, etc, to the body of the book proper. Now in B&W and printed on paper, their placement at the back of the book for removal and/or copying allowed the price to drop from $40.00 to $30.00 . The rules themselves have not required any changes and owners of the previous Edition need not worry--though the new edition does LOOK ever so much better!

Along with the campaign game rules, there are 30 pages of background, tactical and organizational information on the new foes, including Abyssinians, Afghans (Irregular and Regular), Ashanti, Burmese, Chinese, Maori, and Northeast Frontier Tribesmen, plus more Imperial Troop types, rules for Gunboats, Logistics, Replacements, Fortifications, Transport, and more!

And for those who still want the high quality game accessories separately, they are now available as a special TSNS Supplement. This includes five full color Theater Maps measuring 8.5" x 11", one two-piece map totaling 22" x 17", and three 11" x 17". There are also 5 full color card stock sheets of Event Cards (double sided), 4 sheets of ready-to-cut map counters, Sea Distances Table, and more.

TSNS is--and remains--the last word in a complete Colonial Campaign System!

NOW available in it's all new 4th Edition for $30.00, plus postage.

For those wishing to buy the TSNS Rule Book AND the Game Supplement Print Editions together, the price is $45.00, a savings of $5.00.

The complete Printed Game Supplement may be ordered alone for $20.00, plus postage.

The complete package is available in a PDF Edition for $25.00, and delivered via E-mail, post free.

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John Company 3rd Edition

John Company

By Chris Ferree & Patrick R. Wilson

Edition The THIRD

What was already "Good" has just gotten "Better!"

JC has now been made more accessible to those who have been interested, but unsure of wanting to buy the entire game at full price.

The newly printed THIRD Edition has swollen to 196 pages of resources, as well as all of the Second Edition's greatly improved and expanded rules for gaming India's colonial history, including the Mysore, Maratha, Sikh Wars, Indian Mutiny, and much more.

Besides the rules proper, there are 13 pages of Weather Tables (with full color maps), 4 pages of Designers' Notes, 3 of Bibliography, 4 ready-to-play Scenarios (27 pages) with full color maps, 6 pages listing John Company's Battles, 4 pages of figure sources, six pages of Uniform data, and 2 pages of Basing Templates.

But still, one of the greatest values are the Army Lists with detailed organizational and tactical information for the Afghans, Marathas, Sikhs, British and HEIC units, with special emphasis on the latter on The Indian Mutiny. This information is not to be found in any one--or 25--books!

BUT instead of including all the previous full color, card stock game accessories as enclosures, these have now been printed in B&W on paper and bound into the rule book itself. This has allowed the cover price to DROP from $45.00 to $30.00!

It is now possible to buy the game at a much friendlier price and still be able to learn the game with the necessary accessories.  And if you wish to pursue the game with all the improved and longer-lived graphical components, you may still do so.

All 12 original full color card stock sheets for the three Game Decks, the 4 B&W "Cheat Sheets," and the other color game counters may now be bought as a separate Supplement. Better still, all three Card Decks (Action, Orders, and Events) are now pre-cut and shrink wrapped ready for immediate use.

The John Company Graphics Supplement costs $15.00, and is immediately available!

NOW available, the Third Edition costs $30.00, plus postage.

The John Company Third Edition Graphics Supplement cost $15.00, plus postage.

For those primarily interested in the book as a resource, or who prefer "self printing," the PDF Edition is available for $20.00, and includes all full color card stock accessories, plus postage.

All PDF files will be sent Postage free via E-mail.

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The Kris And The Flame
By Chris Ferree

2nd Edition

Chris Ferree's homage to "Rajah Brooke" and the Pirates of the South China Seas is now available in a full blown 2nd Edition exclusively from The (Virtual) Armchair General.

More than doubling in size to 42 pages, with new rules and tables, greatly improved graphics, two complete scenarios with maps and OB's, Chronology, Bibliography, with newly designed Ship and Unit Record Sheets, Wind Vane and Game Counters, as well as full color front and back covers, the game has never been more complete.

New rules include Towing, Weather Conditions, Heavy Artillery, greatly expanded Firing and Morale Tables, and additional organizational information for Moro, Balanini, Dyak, Malay, Chinese, and Illunan Pirates to make collecting necessary figures for your game units easy.

Originally designed for use with the extensive line of 15mm figures purposely sculpted by author Chris Ferree, the game is supported by card stock and resin cast accessories sold by TVAG. However, by simple scale adjustment, the rules may be played with 25/28mm figures and models from other manufacturers as well.

The Kris And The Flame is still an officially authorized dependent variant of the world famous The Sword And The Flame, 20th Anniversary Edition, and requires a copy of those rules to be played.

The Print Edition is Currently Out of Stock.

Available in PDF format for $15.00, and delivered via E-mail.

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B'hoys! 3rd Edition Rulebook Cover


By Chris Ferree & Patrick R. Wilson

Edition The Third!

B'hoys! is a unique war game based on the popular history classic, The Gangs Of New York, by Herbert Asbury, and now in it's improved 3rd Edition from The (Virtual) Armchair General.

B'hoys! (as the Irish lads referred to themselves) recreates the brawls and battles that dominated pre-Civil War New York City for some thirty years.

The majority of Gang members (the original "Gangsters") were largely Irish immigrants who brought their real, or imagined, war against the English with them to America. At odds with the Protestant Establishment that ran the city, underemployed, and without real prospects, they formed societies that mirrored their fears and frustrations.

Among the many pastimes of these Gangsters was street fighting. Scuffles between rival individuals could escalate to their respective Gangs, and it didn't take much to start a brawl, which sometimes exploded into full scale rioting. Merely being on the wrong street could start the fists, boots, brickbats, and bullets flying. Such meetings could involve a handful at first, then swell to thousands of men, women, and children engaged in total riot.

It was a time now almost forgotten, and unimaginable over a century after the facts, but it remains an amazing chapter in American History. Just reading the rules will give a remarkable picture of the times and personalities that shaped the growth of New York, as well as the other great cities of the Eastern United States.

The new Edition has expanded to 64 pages, with improved rules layout, superior graphics, and many new full color period illustrations throughout, including photographs of games in play, and actual period artifacts.

Printed accessories at the back of the book include Record Sheets for Mobs, Police, and Army/Militia which may be cut out and copied for game use. A deck of 48 black and white Action Cards used to determine the order in which Gangster Mobs, Police Patrols, or even Army Squads move, are also printed in the book to be cut out for use. Further, a printed sheet of colored ID numbers is attached, ready to cut out and glue to the bases of individual game figures to aid identification by Character and Gang affiliation.

A professionally printed, permanent full color 48-card Action Deck, and a two page set of Quick Reference Sheets printed on card stock are available separately from the Publisher (below), as well as the original "B'Hoys!" 28mm figures by world famous sculptor, Bobby Jackson.

Besides the basic rules, there are four detailed scenarios, ready to play including special rules, and including maps and extra tables of information to make set-up easy and quick.

The authors continue to hear from gamers who have applied the B'hoys! model of Mob vs Mob combat to other subjects, notably Cave Men and Ancient Roman Political and Sports riots! B'hoys! is a game of specific historical application and a realistic, fast and furious game that emphasizes Mob Psychology over sheer lethality.

So, Boyo's, here's your chance to get the latest news from your cousins, the Authors "Hamburger Paddy" and "Seamlus O'Queeg" and their continuing adventures in New York. Och, if only nights in Limerick were as much fun! ("Sing Rickety-Tickety-Tin!")
The Print Edition is $25.00, and will be delivered by Priority Mail.

Special New Graphic Supplement! Now, for the first time, the 48 card full color Action Deck is available separately, professionally printed and pre-cut in a re-closable bag for storage, ready to for play, and comes with two 8.5" x 11" full color card stock Quick Reference Sheets to speed play, and all for only $10.00 directly through TVAG.
B'hoys! Graphic Supplement

The PDF Edition is $15.00 , and will be delivered via E-mail as soon as your order is processed, post free.

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Waken The Storm!

Waken The Storm!

From author/sculptor Chris Ferree, comes his most ambitious game rules yet!


Waken The Storm! is a Fantasy Battles game system for miniatures. The rules reflect the technology and practices of Dark Age through early Medieval warfare, but allowing for the Heroic Fighters, Magic Users, Magical Artifacts, and assorted monsters associated with European Mythology. WTS is the only Officially Sanctioned Fantasy Game System based on the classic The Sword And The Flame . The 72 page rule book, with full color covers, comes with three special full color, Game Card Decks (Action, Magic, Magical Items), each now provided pre-cut, ready for immediate play, in reusable plastic bags. Full color game counters and Unit Record Sheets complete the game accessories included. The specially designed 52 card Action Deck regulates Movement, Fire Effects, and Casualties, each in the proper game sequence. WTS is not a "Dependent Variant" of TSATF, but a complete, stand alone game system.


Rules cover missile fire, close combat, and morale, all emphasizing the actual factors that helped determine the outcomes of Dark Ages warfare. But the emphasis is on key characters: The Heroes, Born Leaders, Magic Users, and more of Humans, Orks, Elves, Dwarves, and more.

Not more "warmed over" Tolkien, WTS is based on Western Mythology ("Song of Roland," "Beowulf," etc) and only the races of the literature are represented. The product of years of development and play testing, no "special, must have" figures are required, no re-basing of existing figures, and simple suggested basing systems are provided for those just starting out. Rules for monsters include Dragons, Giants, Trolls, Griffins, and more, with special rules for each, including Dragon flight! Magic is intended for the battlefield, but its effectiveness depends on the skill of the Magician. Fire Balls, Levitation, Animated Dead, Wind Storms, Thunderbolts, and much more can cause fear and disaster to the enemy. Not enough skill, and a Magical Spell can go disastrously wrong! Magical Swords, Clubs, Armor, and more can also be part of each game, but no two games need ever be alike with all the variables that can apply when building one's army.

Waken The Storm! was one of the most widely anticipated rules releases in years and is ready for immediate delivery.

The Print Edition price is $25.00, plus postage.


The PDF Edition is economically priced at $15.00, and will be sent via E-mail.

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