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The Preziosi Collection

Colonial Wars

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The Preziosi Collection
19th Century & Colonial Era
Orders of Battle

Compiled and Edited by Andrew Preziosi

TVAG is proud to offer war gamers and history buffs alike one of the most amazing resources ever produced for the hobbyist.

After spending years wandering in the wilderness of the hobby, author, war games designer, and sometime editor, Andrew Preziosi, has finally consented to make TVAG the home of his magnum opus , his collection of historical Orders of Battle ("OB's").

Over 25 years in the making--and continuing to this day--Andrew has combed libraries and newspaper archives across the world, consulted contemporary military history sources in a variety of languages, and amassed a personal collection of original editions or copies of works almost impossible to find. From the first, his single minded object was to compile the most complete and exhaustive Orders of Battle for virtually every conflict of the 19th Century, particularly those of the Imperial and Colonial powers in their wars outside Europe.

Now, with no more effort required than to study the extensive catalogs which follow, researchers may get the full particulars for actions of almost every size from all over the world. Details include specific units engaged, commanding Officers and Staff, organizational details of the force, and (wherever possible) numbers in each unit, plus size and weight of guns.

The price of each OB represents incalculable savings in hours of research and hundreds of dollars to buy sources, many of which are not available at any price. Using the best available data, the OB's provided are being continuously updated. Instead of hunting the shelves and rare book dealers to find one or two pages of crucial data, The Preziosi Collection has done all that for you!

The OB's

Provided by nationality, period, and theater, the OB's are presented in logically related "Sets" and priced at a discount over the price of single items. OB's marked with an "*" have information on the Native enemy in that action as well, though necessarily some of these are less specific and complete.

Here is a "life sized" sample.

Single OB's from any given Sets may be ordered at a flat rate of $6.00 each.

Individual OB's are updated whenever new or additional information is discovered, and these will be so indicated upon occurrence. Purchasers of OB's which are subsequently updated will be sent the new list without charge upon making the request.

OB's will be sent to the address you provide via E-mail, without shipping charges, upon payment.

Finally, all OB information is for private use only and may not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of Andrew Preziosi who holds all rights to the products of his research. Parties interested in using any of this data for commercial or other use are invited to contact him.

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