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54mm Tudor Towne


US Mexican War Uniforms & Weapons Page for GTSTE

B'hoys! Tournament at Fall In!, 2004

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Earlier Announcements & Releases

9/22/14 LITTLE WARRIORS Now Available! 54mm/1:32 Resin Cast War Game & Collectible Figures First Range: Imperial Japanese Army & Navy, 1886-1911!
9/16/14 TSATF/800FE & "Funny Little Wars" "Terrain Effects Decks" Subscription successfully Closes! Visit the Game Card Decks Page!
3/26/14 TSATF/800FE & "Funny Little Wars" "Terrain Effects Decks" Subscription Opens NOW on the Game Card Decks Page!
8/21/13 "Rough Riders!" 15mm War Game Figures for the Spanish-American War Available Again NOW from "Splendid Little Warriors."
8/20/13 Little Campaigns for Funny Little Wars Now for sale.
5/11/13 54mm "Little Warriors" Gallery Opens
12/1/12 New 54mm Tents, Rolling Stock and Boat PDF's ready for sale in support of Funny Little Wars.
7/12/12 15 NEW ITEMS added to Houston's Naval Guns & Ship Fittings and even more in the pipe. The page has been redesigned to make it easier to find what you want, and there's a photo of everything , too.
3/19/12 "Mean Streets" Reborn! New And Redesigned City Blocks, Streets, Alleys, etc, for Pulp Fiction Gaming of all kinds. Please, Go and see for yourself the sometimes total changes and improvements.
12/8/11 "The Sword In Africa" Action and Event Decks open for Subscription.
11/11/11 Three NEW Game Card Decks! The Funny Little Wars Event Deck, and the "Safari" and "River" Event Decks for The Sword In Africa.
6/26/11 "Little Houses," "Little Flags," "Little Cars," and "Little...Stuff" for 54mm War Games in general, and Funny Little Wars in particular, now newly released or expanded.
5/1/11 TSATF and 800FE Action Decks for the BOXER REBELLION now available!
5/1/11 Corner Kick!, Miniatures rules for Football/Soccer released.
3/16/11 Astounding Adventures #3--The Road To Skull Island released.
9/10/10 Subscription for the first Little Warriors, 54mm War Game figures for Funny Little Wars now open.
8/10/10 Three NEW additions to New Game Card Decks in stock! First 800FE Action Decks, and new Dynamite and "The Amazing Whizzo Action Deck" for Astounding Tales!
5/8/10 John Company THIRD Edition now in stock. Price reduced by 33%, and new optional Graphics Supplement available.
3/1/10 Astounding Adventures #2 Now for sale!
9/08/09 Rough Riders! 15mm War Game figures for The Spanish-American War
9/08/09 Three NEW additions to Mean Streets: The Jewish Businesses Block, Central Park, and St. Patrick's Cathedral!
12/17/09 Astounding Adventures #2 Subscription Opens
Funny Little Wars Released for sale.
12/28/08 "Funny Little Flags": Official Army Flags for Funny Little Wars.
11/19/08 Funny Little Wars Subscription Opens
10/07/08 "Mexican War Flags Collection" Subscription Opens
10/07/08 Shopping Cart Buttons Now On All Product Pages
10/07/08 8 New Models Added to Houston's Ships
5/05/08 The Mexican Soldier republished by TVAG
1/10/08 A New Page at Houston's Ships for his first 25mm Q-Ship & Freighter Models, and his first Submarine!
11/27/07 A New 25mm "Sand Pebbles," and THREE new Freighters at Houston's Ships.
9/11/07 FOUR new 25mm Houston's Ships! Two more Arab Dhows, the USS Monocacy, and Richard's First Freighter!
8/9/07 New 25mm Arab Dhow and Russian Torpedo Boat from Houston's Ships.
7/24/07 Astounding Adventures #1 available for sale.
7/2/07 The "Mahdist Wars Flag Collection" by Eric Cox is released
6/10/07 "Mahdist Wars Source Book" goes on sale.
6/9/07 Six--count 'em!--Six new Mean Sets brings the total to 15 perfect places for your Pulp Fiction adventures to happen!
5/8/07 Two new Dhows and an East African style German Gunboat released
2/14/07 "Waken The Storm!," Fantasy Miniatures Variant of The Sword And The Flame, goes on sale.
2/14/07 "Mean Sets" 2nd Collection released.
1/10/07 Houston's Ships 2 new Junks, 2 German Gunboats, & a Russian Torpedo Boat!
11/20/06 USS Monocacy added to Houston's Ships
11/10/06 Three new Gunboats for China Station added to Houston's Ships
10/31/06 The Kris And The Flame Print Edition Released
10/15/06 John Company, 2nd Edition Print Edition Released
09/25/06 The Sun Never Sets Print Edition Released
09/03/06 Boilers And Breechloaders Print Edition Released
08/16/06 Houston's Ships adds two 15mm Models of the "Sand Pebbles"
07/22/06 Astounding Tales! 2nd Edition released at HistoriCon 2006
07/22/06 Boxer Rebellion Flag Sets Added to 19th Century Chinese Flags Collection
06/12/06 Send A Gunboat! 25mm & 15mm miniature warships by Richard Houston and Chris Ferree for use with Boilers And Breechloaders and The Kris And The Flame.
06/01/06 Mean Sets released with first set of 5 interiors.
05/01/06 The 19th Century Chinese Flags Collection! 974 (sic) Flags of the Tai-P'ing Rebellion containing those of the "Pingers" and the "Imitation Foreign Devils"--in 4 Scales!
04/24/06 The Preziosi Collection of historical Orders Of Battle comes to TVAG!
03/23/06 The Print Edition of Science vs Pluck: or "Too Much For The Mahdi" by Howard Whitehouse is now available.
02/26/06 SIX new 25mm Junk and Gunboat Models for The Boxer Rebellion at Richard Houston's Page!
03/13/06 "Brushes With Danger" Painting Service by Howard Whitehouse
02/13/06 "The Maratha Wars Flag Collection" Now Available From Studio 33!
Spyros Koumousis' Death
12/20/05 Soccer!! Pack 3 new from Alphacast
12/11/05 Science vs Pluck Available on CD
11/26/05 East Indian Buildings in 15mm and 28mm Scales!
11/15/05 The Kris And The Flame, 2nd Edition available on CD.
11/15/05 Earthworks in card stock in 15mm & 28mm released.
09/19/05 New For Mean Streets! Streetcar And Track Sections
09/19/05 From Houston's Ships, IJNS Fushimi 25mm Gunboat Model
09/01/05 Alphacast! SOCCER!! Version 1.0--FREE Rules And Accessories
08/02/05 Alphacast! SOCCER!! 28mm Scale Footballers with Accessories
08/01/05 The Event Decks for TSATF and TSINA available on CD
08/01/05 War Game Rules Now Available in PDF Format on CD
08/01/05 NEW! (AGAIN!) Alphacast 5mm Ancient Galleys!
06/20/05 NEW! 15mm Rumanians Added to Alphacast Balkan Wars Line!
06/04/05 Three New Block Sections added to Mean Streets! The Hotel Metropole, the Court House, and Shops Including "O'Banion's Flowers."
06/04/05 Alphacast Metal Miniatures Returns To TVAG!
05/23/05 Buffalo Chip Now Available as PDF Files on CD!
04/05/05 Houston's Ships Adds Captain Kidd's Black Falcon, and the Chinese War Junk, the Red Dragon.
02/06/05 First Four Block Sections of Mean Streets now available!
02/06/05 Sikh War Flags Collection Expanded to include 6mm Scale! ALL Sikh Regular Battalions/Regiments now available for the first time.
1/13/05 Naval Flags Of The Major Powers
12/31/04 Alphacast Miniatures Suspends Operations Until Further Notice
12/27/04 Resin cast 15mm Bamboo Fort Walls, Gates, River Booms, Pilings, and Gun Emplacements now available on "The Kris And The Flame" Resin Cast Fortifications Page.
12/26/04 B'hoys! Tournament At Fall In! For a complete account--with photos!
12/27/04 NEW SMS Wissman Model Added to "Houston's Ships" Page.
10/29/04 SMS Hedwig von Wissman and Three More Junks! Review the fleet and see the REDUCED PRICES on the "Houston's Ships" Page.
10/28/04 Huts & Longhouses for The Kris And The Flame Return! Now in 15mm AND 28mm Scales! Go see them on the Native Huts Page.
5/12/03 Choice of sail patterns and hull colors are now available on the Ancient Galleys Page.
4/10/04 Blokes and 2 Metropolitan Police photos are up for "B'hoys!," and Ship Eyes are available on the Ancient Galleys Page.
3/15/04 Ancient Galleys Page, More Blokes and Municipal Police "B'hoys!" figures, and New Junks from Richard Houston.
3/01/04 Boats 'N A Bag are lost during the Great Crash of '04!
11/6/03 New Chinese Junks Added To "Houston's Ships!"
10/9/03 Boats 'N A Bag!
9/25/03 New Native Warships For The Kris And The Flame AND New 28mm Machine Guns For Balkan Wars From Alphacast!
9/15/03 New, For B'hoys!: The "Crushers" Are Here!
8/8/03 HistoriCon Photos & Games Page Added
8/06/03 The Kris And The Flame 15mm Warships And Accessories
8/04/03 B'hoys Towne Wins Battle Streamer At HistoriCon!
8/02/03 15mm Roman Fort/Camp Sections From Alphacast
ST33-2 25mm Troop Transport/Tug Model For Sale From Studio 33
5/29/03 Sikh War Flag Sets at Studio 33!
5/28/03 SMS Grendel 25mm Gunboat at Studio 33 Productions!
5/0/03 New! Houston's Gunboats!
3/30/03 Victorian Urban Barricades From Studio 33 Productions!
3/24/03 Alphacast Miniatures Painting Service!
3/22/03 Two new packs for B'hoys! and Hex Bases from Studio 33.
3/5/03 15mm Serbians For Alphacast Balkan Wars Line!
2/22/03 Dynamite Deck From Studio 33 Productions!
2/18/03 Assembly Instructions Now Linked To B'hoys Towne Page.
2/16/03 Buffalo Chip II--The Re-Design Is Ready For Sale!
2/13/03 Color Photos Added to Both Pages Of Spyros Koumousis Ranges.
2/9/03 FAX Machine now connected, ready to receive!
2/6/03 B'hoys Towne now available from Studio 33 Productions!
2/2/03 Spyros' Koumousis Hoplites Added to Alphacast Miniatures.

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