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(Kept in Memory of Spyros Koumousis)

B'hoys' Towne
Funny Little Wars!
Houston's 25mm Naval Guns & Fittings
Mean Streets
Mean Sets
The Preziosi OB's Collection
"Send A Gunboat!"
Game Card Decks
for TSATF/800FE
& Other Rules
Studio 33--Game Accessories
Authorized Play Aids For TSATF & 800FE
TVAG Publishing
War Game Rules & Books

TVAG's Bargain Bunker--
New STUFF Added As We Find It!

Rum Runners!
Bootlegger Wars At Sea
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Mexican War Collection

Sikh Wars Collection

Maratha Wars

Mahdist Wars Collection

Little Flags Collection for Funny Little Wars

19th Century Chinese


Chinese Pirates


"Imitation Foreign Devils"

Little Warriors

25mm B'hoys!
from Bobby Jackson's
"Thrilling Combat Miniatures"

"Splendid Little Warriors"
(TRUE 25mm & 15mm War Game Figures)

25mm Abyssinians

25mm Asante

25mm Maori

25mm "Viva Juarez!"

15mm "Rough Riders!"

15mm "Perdicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead!"

15mm Special Mexican War Range for GTSTE

25mm Houston's Naval Guns
& Fittings


Send A Gunboat!

Rum Runners!

28mm B'hoys Towne

25/15mm Native Huts & Longhouses

25mm Maori Buildings

25mm/15mm East Indian Buildings

25/15mm Field Earth Works

"Rough Riders" Buildings
& Block Houses
(Cuba, 1898)

28mm Mean Streets!

28mm Mean Sets!

54mm/1:32 Card Models/Accessories
"Little Houses"
"Little Wheels"
"Little... Stuff"

54mm Tudor Towne


US Mexican War Uniforms & Weapons Page for GTSTE

B'hoys! Tournament at Fall In!, 2004

"In The Pipe"--
Titles & Products In Development
TVAG Interviewed by "Warning Order" E-zine
Sergeants 3

the General

Are We,
and What's
The Deal?
I am Patrick Wilson, Author, Re-enactor, War Gamer, History Buff, and Dilettante Deluxe who has returned to the Commercial arena for his beans and hay. I am now a free lance Agent/Sales Rep for foreign and domestic makers of war game and collectible figures/accessories.

In the early 1980's I owned and operated a "Brick and Mortar" shop here in my home town, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. of A., that combined war games and Militaria, appropriately called "The Armchair General." Coming back into sales in April, 2000 as an Agent for a fabled manufacturer in Britain, I discovered a new way to bridge the gulf between source and consumer. So, I've picked up the ancient standard of the original "Armchair General" and lifted it into the cyber world of E-Commerce to become The (Virtual) Armchair General .

Now, and as the number of my clients grows, so will war gamers and collectors find it easier and less expensive than ever to acquire some of the finest war game products from around the world, as well as our own domestic gems.

Finally, I know there are individuals out there who have written their own rules, or make their own figures, terrain, or other accessories, but who do not have the means to market them. The (Virtual) Armchair General may be willing to represent your creations if 1) I'm convinced yours is a quality product, of good value, 2) is unique and innovative, and 3) that you can meet the full service expectations of my customers--and myself.

Interested parties, you know how to reach me.

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