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15mm Figures For An "Almost War" in Morocco, 1904

"Perdicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead!," was President Theodore Roosevelt's slogan regarding the release of the (possibly) American citizen, 64 year old Ion Perdicaris, kidnapped in Morocco by Moulé Ahmed Muhammed El Raisuli, Sheriff of the Riffian Berbers, and would be ruler of the country. The Raisuli's ransom demands were "preposterous" to the US Government which at first tried to persuade France and Britain to join a coup to take control of Morocco from the Sultan Abdelaziz. However, later the governments simply leaned on him to pay the ransom and let the matter pass. The "American Citizen" had been freed, and all again was right with the world.

Until 1914, anyway....

But some 70 years later, writer/historian/firearms authority/director John Milius brought to the screen what most war gamers would have preferred--the actual showdown between the Great Powers, the Sultan of Morocco and--just because as screenwriter he could--the German Empire, too. A perfect example of Hollywood History--"The way it should have been!"

The film's characters--historical and fictional--and their cross-cultural interactions made for a story that was thrilling enough, but the whole was made irresistible with a portrayal of the Game of Nations. The interests of France, Great Britain, the United States, Germany and Morocco all came together as a result of an affair inconsequential itself, but which was turned into a fencing match by the Great Power Players.

And the final three- (or four?) way battle is a classic action sequence known and beloved by most hobby grognards ever since its initial release.

Oddly, I can't remember the movie's title just now, but I know it juxtaposed elements of weather with a certain African apex-predator.

Well, after years of planning and sculpting, TVAG now offers to the fans of this great film, and Colonial War Gamers in general, all they need to fight and re-fight this famous battle, as well as any others of their own design.

Figure Packs
All Infantry/Marines/Sailors/Palace Guard Packs are sold with 20 castings each, in multiple poses and with Command figures & appropriate printed flags included. Cavalry (mounted and dismounted) are sold 12 to a Pack, also with Command and flags.

The German Artillery has two gun to a pack with the necessary crew figures. As there is some chance that the Berbers may capture one or both of the German guns, two of their crews are also included.

The US Navy Colt MG's come two to a Pack and are on special wheeled mounts complete with crews of 4 figures each (Pusher, Firer, and two w/ammo boxes).

Finally, the "Personalities" Pack includes special figures in support of the film's cast (if not history), including a certain Female, her two children, the Raisuli (mounted and on foot), a German Officer (also mounted and on foot), and a US Marine Officer.

Next Release!-- French Foreign Legion Artillery

Two 75mm field guns with 4 crew each, a Battery CO and Bugler.

COMING SOON!--"The Battle In A Box"
All of the PAORD figures required will be provided already organized for a recreation of the final action in the film in a boxed set which will include specially designed PDF's of the proper Moroccan buildings, a special set of rules representing the scenario and based on a very popular Colonial War Game, and the necessary dice, and all for a bargain price.

Watch for news of these releases!

US Marines

US Marines
$12.00 per pack

US Navy Landing Party

US Navy Landing Party
$12.00 per pack

Imperial German Infantry

Imperial German Infantry
$12.00 per pack

French Cavalry

French Cavalry (Mounted)
$15.00 per pack

French Cavalry (Dismounted)

French Cavalry (Dismounted)
$8.00 per pack

Mounted Berbers

Mounted Berbers
$15.00 per pack

Berber Infantry

Berber Infantry
$12.00 per pack

The Bashaw's Palace Guard

The Bashaw's Palace Guards
$12.00 per pack

Mounted Bashaw's Palace Guards

Mounted Bashaw's Palace Guard
$15.00 per pack

French Foreign Legion

French Foreign Legion
$12.00 per pack

77mm Field Gun w/Berber Crew
77mm Field Gun w/German Crew

77mm Field Gun w/German & Berber Crews (16 figures, 2 guns)
$14.00 per pack

US Navy Colt MG's w/Crews

US Navy Colt MG's w/Crews
$10.00 per pack


$10.00 per pack

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