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Blockhouses & Buildings for The Spanish-American War, Cuba, 1898

During the simultaneous battles of San Juan Heights and El Caney before Santiago on July 1, 1898, the US Army encountered defenses built by Spanish Military Engineers with years of combat experience in Cuba. These included wire fences, Blockhouses, and fortified positions in pre-existing buildings. On San Juan Heights, there was the "Hacienda" atop Kettle Hill, and a Blockhouse on San Juan Hill. The El Caney battlefield had no less than four well sited Blockhouses, a fortified Church, and the imposing "fort" of El Viso. Well aimed rifle fire from the occupants of these bullet proof strong points were major contributors to the heavy US losses, the hours it took to capture these objectives, and the near defeat of both Yanqui forces.

Playing both historical and "What if?" war games without the influence of such strong points misses key factors that could determine victory or defeat for either side.

Now, long in development, and thoroughly test-assembled, these historical key tactical features are at last available. Provided as PDF files for self-printing on heavy card stock, and delivered post-free by E-mail, they are offered in the two most common figure sizes for the Spanish-American War, 25/28mm and 15mm.

Designed in full color with photographic textures, these models are closely based on actual Spanish Blockhouse designs used in Cuba and the Philippines. The models of the iconic Kettle Hill Hacienda, and the Spanish strong-point, El Viso, are based on actual contemporary photos, and are easily the most accurate representations ever available. Hours have been spent going over contemporary photos to get the details right, and maximize the historical accuracy--and feel!--of your games in either scale, and any rules.

The next addition to this collection will be the El Caney Church, representing a totally new design based on recently found photos and paintings as it actually appeared during the battle.

All items are easily assembled by modelers of all experience levels, and require no painting. Bracing and basing with foam board, MDF, matte board, or other materials is--as ever--encouraged to make assemblies "plumb" and permanent. These authentic models can quickly be added to your games with little effort for huge tactical and atmospheric effects.

Each PDF file in either size costs only $4.00. But if all 7 of the current models in this collection are bought at once, they cost only $20.00, post free and delivered via E-mail shortly after TVAG receives confirmation of payment. Please remember to specify the preferred model size when using the Shopping Cart, and whether you prefer to print the files out on US Standard Letter Size, or UK/Elsewhere A4, below.

(All models and photos courtesy of Mr. Brian Foust-- Muchismas Gracias, Illustre Jefe! )

Please Specify Paper Print Size

Kettle Hill Hacienda (Wooden veranda supports not provided)
Please Specify Desired Scale

El Viso
Please Specify Desired Scale

Blockhouse #1
Please Specify Desired Scale

Blockhouse #2 (Wooden Stilts Not Provided)
Please Specify Desired Scale

Blockhouse #3
Please Specify Desired Scale

Blockhouse #4
Please Specify Desired Scale

Blockhouse #5
Please Specify Desired Scale

The "Charge That Blockhouse!" Deal
The entire Collection in your choice of scale is $20.00 , post free, a saving of $8.00.

Please Specify Desired Scale

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