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15mm Figures for America's "Splendid Little War"

"Rough Riders!" consists of all troop types actually sent to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippine Islands by the United States to fight the defending Spanish forces. The Spanish are themselves well represented by the troops (as defined by recognizable uniform types) defending the last outposts of their crumbling Empire.

And as combat with the Spanish ended, new foes appeared. Of these, the most colorful and exotic were Spain's perennial Philippine enemies, the Moros. "Rough Riders!" provides these fanatical warriors and their lethal weapons in spades.

Figure Sets
All figures are sold in packs, mostly of 20 figures, in two or three poses, and cast in lead free pewter for TVAG by Zombiesmith.  No two Packs will necessarily be identical in the specific poses provided. Pack contents break down as follows:

1) Spanish Infantry & Sailors--19 figures and an Officer.

2) US Infantry & Cavalry--17 soldiers, and one each NCO (not necessarily a unique figure), Color Bearer, and Officer. (All US Cavalry are depicted on foot as those who went to Cuba were forced to abandon their horses in Florida for lack of adequate transport.)

3) Moros--In Pack #1 are 19 Warriors and a Datu (Chief), five with Rifles the rest with a variety of characteristic weapons. Pack #2 contains another Datu, 19 Warriors in multiple poses, open handed, with a wide assortment of weapons and shields.

4) Artillery Packs--1) U.S.--Two of the nominal Guns/Gatlings, and 8 Crew figures, plus Officer and Color Bearer with Guidon. 2) Spanish --Two of the nominal guns, 8 Crew figures, and Officer.  3) Moro--Two guns of "uncertain" weight/caliber, mounted on old naval trucks, with six Crew and a "Gun Captain."

5) U.S. Artillery on Mules--One weapon in component parts (carriage, wheels, barrel), and 5 Mules (3 to carry parts, 2 with Ammunition, etc), without Crews.

6) Personalities and Command--A mixed pack with mounted figures of mounted US Generals Shafter, Wheeler, and Col. Roosevelt (with TR afoot, also), and Spanish General Vara del Rey and General Arsenio Linares (afoot). Foot figures include a selection of US Officers, Color Bearers, and NCO's, and Spanish Officers, all in multiple poses.

7) Casualties--10 to a Pack, no Command, etc.

Figure Packs and Miscellaneous Information
Where a mix of poses is provided, no two packs may be quite the same, though the total number, and the inclusion of Command figures, is standardized. 

A.  US Colored Infantry and Cavalry packs (the 24th/25th Infantry," "9th/10th Cavalry") contain 19 Black Soldiers (including an NCO and Color Bearer), and one White Officer, as per actual practice.

B.  Spanish units did not carry their Colors in the field, thus no such figures are provided.

C.  The "Rough Riders Booster Pack" contains one each Sims-Dudley "Dynamite Gun"  w/three Crew, and Colt Machine Gun w/two crew.  These were the exclusive possessions of the US 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment in Cuba.

D.  The "US Volunteer Infantry," and "US Volunteer Cavalry" packs can be painted to represent several different units (including the 71st New York, and the US 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment).

E.  "U.S. Infantry Prone" come 10 figures w/o Command in a pack.

F.  Casualty packs for both sides will contain 10 figures each, w/o command.

G.  Filipino/Cuban Insurectos wore a simple, practical tropical white uniform cut very much the same as their Spanish opponents. Each pack comes with 19 assorted infantry poses and an Officer.

TVAG also offers two lines of PDF files of relevant building models for self-printing on card stock. Easily assembled, these authentic building designs are available in both 15mm and 25/28mm sizes, with the files delivered post free via E-mail.

For Cuba and the Philippines, the Rough Riders Blockhouses & Buildings Collection are now available via the link.

Proper Filipino/Moro Huts and a Moro Fort are also available on the Native Huts and Longhouses Page.

But, best of all, the original dedicated rules set (conveniently also named Rough Riders! ) is available now on the War Gaming Rules & Books page.

More To Come!
Moro War Canoes, US/Spanish Gunboats, other Accessories (and figures!) in support of Rough Riders! are under development. 

It remains TVAG's express intention to become the definitive source for everything you need to explore the history--and countless "what if's"--of this crucial war that made the 20th Century the "American Century."

Spanish Infantry

Full Dress

SP-AM 001
Full Dress Uniform
$12.00 per pack

Field Dress

SP-AM 002
Field Uniform

$12.00 per pack

Philippines Uniform

SP-AM 003
Philippine Islands Uniform
$12.00 per pack

Spanish Sailors

SP-AM 004
Spanish Naval Infantry
$12.00 per pack

Spanish Casualties

SP-AM 005
Spanish Casualties


Spanish Artillery

Spanish 75mm Gun

SP-AM 006
75mm Field Guns & Crews
$10.00 per pack

New Photo Pending

SP-AM 007
80mm Gun Mountain Guns & Crews
$10.00 per pack

U.S. Infantry & Cavalry

US Regular Infantry

SP-AM 008
U.S. Regular Infantry
$12.00 per pack

US Volunteer Infantry

SP-AM 009
U.S. Volunteer Infantry
$12.00 per pack

US Colored Infantry

SP-AM 010
U.S. 24th or 25th Infantry
$12.00 per pack

US Regular Cavalry

SP-AM 011
U.S. Regular Cavalry

$12.00 per pack

Colored Cavalry

SP-AM 012
U.S. 9th or 10th Cavalry (Dismounted)
$12.00 per pack

Volunteer Cavalry

SP-AM 013
U.S. Volunteer Cavalry (Dismounted)
$12.00 per pack

US Casualties

SP-AM 014
U.S. Casualties
$8.00 per pack

Photo Pending

SP-AM 027
U.S. Infantry, Prone

$8.00 per pack

Photo Pending

SP-AM 028
Filipino/Cuban Insurectos

$12.00 per pack

U.S. Artillery

New Photo Pending

SP-AM 015
U.S. 3.2" Field Guns & Crews
$10.00 per pack

New Photo Pending

SP-AM 016
U.S. Hotchkiss 2" Guns & Crews
$10.00 per pack

Gatling Gun Gatling Gun

SP-AM 017
U.S. Gatling Guns & Crews
$10.00 per pack

Hotchkiss Mountain Gun on Pack Mules

SP-AM 018
U.S. Hotchkiss 2" Mountain Gun on Mules
$10.00 per pack

Gatling Gun on Pack Mules

SP-AM 019
U.S. Gatling Gun on Mules
$10.00 per pack

Dynamite Gun
Colt Machine Gun Colt Machine Gun

SP-AM 020
"Rough Riders Booster Pack"
$10.00 per pack

Personalities and Command

SP-AM 021
U.S. & Spanish Personalities & Command
$12.00 per pack

Moro Wars!


SP-AM 022
Moro Warriors 1
$10.00 per pack

Moros with Separate Weapons

SP-AM 023
Moro Warriors 2
(Open Handed with Separate Weapons)
$10.00 per pack

Moro Gun and Crew

SP-AM 024
Moro Cannons & Crew
$12.00 per pack

Philippine Scouts Philippine Scouts

SP-AM 025
US Philippine Scouts
$12.00 per pack

Filipino Constabulary Filipino Constabulary

SP-AM 026
Filipino Constabulary

$12.00 per pack

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