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Boxer Flag Sets


The "Boxer" Flag Sets

These flags were researched from a variety of sources with an eye towards making them the most authentic ever as yet available for war gaming.  Each flag has a translation of it's text printed below it on the page.  All flags are based on surviving examples, and known Boxer practices.  Some text is conjectural, but perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the movement.

The Boxers were loosely organized into Tuan's of up to 100 members.  A given town or even neighborhood might field several Tuan's as part of the same local cadre or "Sub-Chapter" of the "Righteous Harmonious Fists" Society.  Any number of flags might be carried by a Tuan, though each should have its own "Home Town" flag, as well as one for each Leader, plus such mottoes and exhortations as they wish (e.g. "Kill," "Destroy," and to do so "By Order of the Emperor" on some of them).

The first three Sets all represent Peking and towns east and south towards Tientsin.  Sets 4 and 5 will represent Tientsin and points west and north towards Peking.  Set 6 is a general collection of small pennants, flags, streamers, and tassels that could adorn both Boxer and Imperial flag staffs.

Each Set is printed on heavy bond or equivalent for proper weight and texture.  Each flag is double sided with a "gutter" for folding around a staff.  The number of flags in each set varies by scale.  Each flag set is unique in composition, no flags repeating between Sets.  The number of flags in Sets vary dramatically with scale with more duplicates in the smaller scales.

New!  Now Available in 54mm Scale!

All of the Boxer Sets may now be Special Ordered in the classic collector's scale. Some of these are now 8" or more long, and their full, exquisite detail can be fully appreciated! Due to increased printing costs (fewer, larger flags per printed sheet), the price of each Set is $15.00, plus postage. 


Buy all four current sets at once and pay only $35.00, plus postage. 

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Set #1--Peking Region, Local Sub-Chapters

Boxer Flag Set #1


18 25mm Flags  representing "general purpose" mottoes and exhortations as well as those identifying specific local Boxer "Chapters" in Peking and towns to the east towards Tientsin.

$10.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

Set #2--Peking Region, Local Sub-Chapters

Boxer Flag Set #2


15 25mm Flags, including two "Dragons" and flags of the "Big Sword" and "Red Fist" Societies.

$10.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

Set #3--Peking Region, Local Sub-Chapters

Boxer Flag Set #3


16 25mm Flags, including those of the Red, Green, Black, and Blue Lanterns, three from a movie, and extra Dragons.

$10.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

Set #6--Pennants, Small Flags, & Streamers

Boxer Pennants Set


92 25mm Pennants, small flags, and streamers, along with  horse hair tassels which may be attached to flag staffs above the full sized items.

$10.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

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The "Boxers": More Than "Fanatics" And "Rioters" by Frontis Wiggins.

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