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19th Century Chinese Flags Collection

From Designer Eric Cox comes this definitive collection of flags for China's tumultuous conflicts of the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Recognizing the limited selection and lack of authentic miniature flags that has always been the case for this complex subject, TVAG has commissioned gifted designer Eric Cox to fill the void. With the invaluable aid of June and Frontis Wiggins who helped with translations and questions of calligraphy, as well as source materials from The People's Republic of China, we proudly present these unique works beautifully combining art and history.

There will be at least five ranges of flags covering a variety of wars in China, starting with the Tai-P'ing Rebellion and the units of "Imitation Foreign Devils" raised by the Emperor to fight against it. There will also be a separate range of Manchu/Qing flags covering the periods of the Opium and Arrow Wars, the Tai-P'ing and Boxer Rebellions.  There will also be a range of flags and banners of the Boxers themselves. In addition, a range of Chinese "Pirate" flags is also coming which will include examples from the 1840's through Nationalist flags of the 1920's.

The initial release for the Tai-P'ing Rebellion includes some 604 distinct flag designs, with 974 available altogether. When completed, the 19th Century Chinese Flags Collection will be--by far--the largest, most authentic and comprehensive collection of miniature Chinese military flags ever produced anywhere.

The Flags

The flags are sold in Sets ranging from as few as 16 to seventy, but organized in such a way as to be complete for their specific subject. All are printed in full color on 24-lb bond for quality reproduction and finished appearance. Following the practice at TVAG, the Sets are offered in 28mm, 20mm, 15mm, and 6mm scales--so almost any miniatures collection can benefit from these beautiful accessories.

The price per flag runs around .35 cents each , though Sets are priced based on the number of flags in it, not their scale. Yet, you will not find any flags for several times the price that are as detailed, exacting, and comprehensive in scope.

Designs, patterns, and details are all based on original examples wherever possible, though no formal regulations for the 19th Century have been positively determined.  There were regional and personal designs which also varied by "fashion" as well as purpose.  Flags could vary by size and shape as well as text, with each type representing a different level of Command or organization.  The Mandarin characters on all flags are correct, both in translation and often  styles of calligraphy.  Chinese Military Flags could convey a great deal of information, and this is broken and down and explained on the following pages.  

Because these flags are expected to be used primarily for miniature wargames, their primary function of identifying Units and Commanders would largely be impossible to most Western eyes.  The difficulty of reading the Chinese text would be compounded by small size (and very small indeed at 6mm scale!) and the fact that many flags appear to have been used repeatedly at different levels of command.  The decision was made early on that the flags should not only be as authentic as possible, but functional as well.  Therefore, many flag Sets are unified by the use of Base Colors which carry forward from the most senior Commander's Flag down to some sub-units.  These Base Colors might first appear as a field color, then move to a border, or possibly appear in other ways. In the Armies of the Tai-P'ings and Manchu's, size and shape of flag also helped identify levels of command.

Custom Orders

Any flags in the line may be obtained in 54mm Scale on a "custom order" basis. Similarly, for $7.00 each, Eric Cox will attach any 54mm or 28mm flags to steel or brass pins, adding tassels (which come with the flags ready to cut out and apply) or other appropriate decorations and send them to the buyer, postpaid. Discounts will apply to large enough orders.

As a special service, Eric can also "personalize" your choice of Commander's Flag with the buyer's name, using the proper Mandarin glyphs, and make other changes to guarantee a unique addition to your war games collection!

For information and details, please E-mail TVAG.

Links To Each Range

"The Kingdom of Heavenly Peace"
Flags of The Tai-P'ing Armies

"Imitation Foreign Devils"
Flags for the "Ever Victorious" and "Ever Triumphant" Armies, Plus Other Formations

"Righteous Harmonious Fists"
Flags & Banners for the "Boxer Rebellion"

Chinese Pirate Flags

Manchu/Qing Military Flags and Banners

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