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Mexican War Collection

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Maratha Wars

Mahdist Wars Collection

Little Flags Collection for Funny Little Wars

19th Century Chinese


Chinese Pirates


"Imitation Foreign Devils"

Little Warriors

25mm B'hoys!
from Bobby Jackson's
"Thrilling Combat Miniatures"

"Splendid Little Warriors"
(TRUE 25mm & 15mm War Game Figures)

25mm Abyssinians

25mm Asante

25mm Maori

25mm "Viva Juarez!"

15mm "Rough Riders!"

15mm "Perdicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead!"

15mm Special Mexican War Range for GTSTE

25mm Houston's Naval Guns
& Fittings


Send A Gunboat!

Rum Runners!

28mm B'hoys Towne

25/15mm Native Huts & Longhouses

25mm Maori Buildings

25mm/15mm East Indian Buildings

25/15mm Field Earth Works

"Rough Riders" Buildings
& Block Houses
(Cuba, 1898)

28mm Mean Streets!

28mm Mean Sets!

54mm/1:32 Card Models/Accessories
"Little Houses"
"Little Wheels"
"Little... Stuff"

54mm Tudor Towne

54mm "On The Border"


US Mexican War Uniforms & Weapons Page for GTSTE

B'hoys! Tournament at Fall In!, 2004

"In The Pipe"--
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Army Black Mercedes Staff Car At The Church

Little Houses

54mm (1:32 Scale) Card Stock Model Buildings for

Funny Little Wars

Little Houses permit players of Funny Little Wars , as well as Toy Soldier Collectors generally, to be able to populate their Lawns, Table Tops, Floors, and Dioramas with authentic, late 19th/early 20th Century European buildings, and for a tiny fraction of the price of other models in the same scale.

Designed using full color photographic textures, these models are available as PDF files for self printing and Little Houses have been specifically designed for easy assembly, well within any modeler's skill level. Please notice that customers may specify that their PDF's come arranged to be printed on A4 card or Letter sized card.

Construction tools and materials required are nothing more than white glue, an X-acto/craft knife, and scissors or paper cutter. Each building comes with simple to follow instructions printed on the component sheets themselves, and the average model can be constructed in an hour or two of pleasant creativity. The use of foam core (AKA"foam board" or "feather board") is strongly encouraged as the spaces between walls, floors, and roofs are all measured for use of like materials 3/16"/5mm thick. If these or similar materials are used, years of steady gaming use are guaranteed, besides making the finished products look as strong and "square" as any other medium--and for far, far less.

Assembly Options include open or shuttered windows and doors. Extras of these are provided so that they may be depicted in either way, or even changeable during play. Specifically designed for use with 54mm figures, they may be built with removable roofs and interior platforms of your own devising to allow positioning of figures on all floors at windows and doors, if desired.

For the greatest stability, models can be mounted on bases, but with some forethought, can be assembled to allow folding flat for storage and transport.

Little Houses may be ordered via the Shopping Cart and will be E-mailed anywhere in the world upon confirmation of sale. Telephone orders are equally welcome as buyers can be invoiced via PayPal, if preferred.

Please look at the photos and see for yourself how these models can add to your layouts and battles, for so little investment! And, remember, owning the PDF means you may re-print portions as many times as needed to construct a model, and to have more wall and road sections for the same price.

NOTE: 1:32 scale figures shown for size reference only.

Buildings, Walls, Roads, And Sets Currently Available

The Customs House/Border Station

Customs House/Border Station
Just the place for your "Border Incident" to boil over into war, this model is based on a rural British Police Station, and comes with a suitably gaudy Sentry Box and crossing gate.

SPECIAL OFFER! The Sentry Box as shown works well for Army Black, but if you would like it to match your own FLW Army, please send me its Color ID ("Army White, Purple, Red/White/Blue, etc) and it will be colored accordingly at no additional cost!

PDF File Version--Price: $8.00

Please Specify Desired Format

The Rural Church

Rural Church
Based on a typical countryside British Church, one can see traces of Medieval architecture (read "defensibility") in its features. And, the rules of war aside, that bell tower makes a fine observation post....

PDF File Version--Price: $8.00

Please Specify Desired Format

The Large Stone Cottage

Large Stone Cottage
Heavy stone walls, two stories, and plenty of shuttered windows (which may be assembled allowing them to open and close), this could be a commanding feature on any field.

PDF File Version--Price: $8.00

Please Specify Desired Format

Small Stone Cottage
A cozy place for an Officer to make his HQ on the field.

PDF File Version--Price: $5.00

Please Specify Desired Format

The Small Stone Stable through the open front wall

Small Stone Stable
A "sister" building to the Large and Small Stone Cottages, this open faced Stable will accommodate a pair of cows, or keep a General's Staff out of the rain.

PDF File Version--Price: $5.00

Please Specify Desired Format

High Stone Walls Sample Section

High Stone Walls
PDF File Version--Price: $5.00

This set provides 49 linear inches of wall just over 3" high. It also comes with two different sets of 3.5" wide gates which may be fitted in the pair of shorter wall sections where the "hinges" may be attached. Fully detailed on both sides, ends, and tops, with no two of the four separate sections identical, these will make crucial tactical features for any battle.

Please Specify Desired Format

Low Stone Walls Sample Section

Low Stone Walls
For greater visual variety, and tactical nuance, this set provides 80 full linear inches of wall 1.5" high, each section differing in appearance from the others, and includes a light 3" wide gate to fit between two shorter wall sections.

PDF File Version--Price: $5.00

Please Specify Desired Format

Cobblestone Sample Section

Cobblestone Roads & Paths
In order to provide superior sections of representative "Good Roads" for the time and place, this PDF set includes a page of straight road 10" long x 4" wide which may be printed as often as desired for cobblestone roads of any length. There is also a 10" x 2" wide cobblestone path section which may also be printed as often as desired. The set also includes a four-way cross road, one each left and right hand "T" intersection, and one each left and right hand turn section. Together, a road network of any size and complexity may be represented, particularly when mounted on wood/foam board/MDF or other stiff materials.

PDF File Version--Price: $5.00

Please Specify Desired Format

Large Stone Farm
This is the entire collection of architecturally similar buildings and walls sold separately above, including the Large and Small Stone Cottages, the Small Stone Stable, and 30 linear inches of Low and 29" of High Stone Wall (with High Gate). Bought singly, this would be some $25.00 worth of separate PDF sets, but when bundled together, this set is bargain priced.

PDF File Version--Price: $15.00

Please Specify Desired Format

Military Stable

Military Stable
An authentic reproduction of an 1880's model Stable made by one of the earliest Toy Soldier makers, Mignot. This model is entirely card stock and built using foam core for the wall, floor, ceiling, and stall wall spaces, while the original had cast metal stalls and mangers. Note that these mangers, however, have actual photographic textures of feed corn and hay in them--something Mignot couldn't provide back then. May be built with removable roof, or coupled with copies of this set to form a longer Stable for larger dioramas, or other uses.

PDF File Version--Price: $8.00

Please Specify Desired Format

Bakery Front

The Bakery
The first of several buildings which will allow war gamers to put a village on their miniature battlefields, the Bakery is one of those staples of any community. Assembled, it measure 7.5" square at the foundation, and stands just under 12" high. In the Tudor "Half Timber" style common to Britain and Western Europe, the model comes with a selection of signage and advertising allowing it to be presented as either English (shown), or German, Dutch, French, or Belgian.

The textures used provide a remarkable realistic and flavorful "feel" to the structure, a genuine sense of time and place to any diorama or battlefield. A section of stone sidewalk is provided (as shown) to go out front and face the street. Period advertising and posters are included to add even greater ambience and charm. And fresh bread is visible on the shelves behind the front window!

PDF File Version--Price: $8.00

Please Specify Desired Format

The Pub/Tavern

The Pub/Tavern
The second building to be found in practically any village in Western Europe--and perhaps the most attended! Also in the "Half Timber" style, it measures 7.5" square at the foundation, and stands about 10" high. A section of stone sidewalk comes with the model. Signage and advertising posters in Dutch, French, German, and English allow the widest choice for collectors to match an army, time, and place. Here, the Pub bears the name "The Frog And Peach," but any preferred name can be substituted.

The photographic textures for this model give it a particularly convincing "3D" look that can match almost any other models in 1:32, but for the merest fraction of the price of many not half its size.

PDF File Version--Price: $8.00

Please Specify Desired Format

English Language Posters German Language Posters
French Language Posters

Period Advertising Posters
For the extra touch that makes any of the "Little Houses" look more realistic and eye-catching, reproductions of authentic advertisements dating from the late 1880's to 1914 have been tracked down and collected in three language groups, so far. German, English, and French examples are now available in separate sets which may be printed, cut out and added to your buildings, roadside walls and structures.

The period of Funny Little Wars was also the golden age of poster art and advertising, and some of the designs may be familiar, as might the artists!

As more examples in other languages become available, these will be offered in their own sets.

SPECIAL OFFER! Buy four or more Buildings from the "Little Houses" line (not road sections or other poster sets), and you may have free any one Poster Set in the language you want. Make your choice from below and it's price will be refunded via PayPal along with the Postage charged for PDF's which are sent by E-mail.

PDF File Version--Price: $2.00

Please Specify Desired Language
Please Specify Desired Format

Command Tent assembly & photos courtesy Mr. Brian Foust

The Command Tent
Your Brigadiers and Generals need a place where they can be found, develop their plans, have a place to rest, and rough it in the field on caviar and champagne. Well, here is just the perfect home away from home--at least until a convenient chateau can be commandeered!

Besides the four "canvass" walls and plank floor measuring 9" long, 7" deep, and 4.5" high at the peak, the Command Tent comes with a Map Table (which serves as dining table), Map Shelf, a selection of full color maps to hang or lay about, and a more comfortable than usual cot with a lovely quilt provided by the Great Man's Mummsy.

PDF File Version--Price: $5.00

Please Specify Desired Format

Hospital Tent assembly & photos courtesy Mr. Brian Foust

The Hospital Tent
Optional rules in Funny Little Wars allow players to bring their wounded into the Field Hospital for treatment--and the sooner the better!

With this model (same dimensions as the Command Tent), the war gamer or dioramist can now show the more humanitarian aspect of their toy soldiers.

The tent comes properly marked with the Red Cross on sides and top, and has a set of 4 simple cots for patients, an Operating Table, and crates of Medical Supplies marked in the buyer's choice of currently available authentic languages.

PDF File Version--Price: $5.00

Please Specify Desired Language
Please Specify Desired Format

Models and Photos Courtesy of Mr. Brian Foust

The Supply Tent
Another basic element of any Army--a tent to house the crates, boxes, barrels, and more to keep it supplied in the field.

All tent designs may be built with one or both sides "rolled up" to expose the interior, and, as in this model, half of the tent roof may be removed for better access.

Each Tent PDF comes with 4 sheets of labels and self assembly crates, boxes, and labels or food, water, ammunition, weapons and more. These may be bought separately as "Little Stuff" items, but a set is included with the Supply Tent, in the currently available languages of choice, and at a discounted price. Now your Army can have its own Supply Dump/Echelon with one trifling purchase!

PDF File Version--Price: $5.00

Please Specify Desired Language
Please Specify Desired Format

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